Where Can I Find Uk Laws

This section of the GOV.UK website contains information on regulations provided by the Department of Housing, Municipalities and Local Government, the Defence Infrastructure Organisation and the Ministry of Defence. There are guidelines for councils on the adoption, amendment and repeal of regulations; a set of model regulations that boards can adapt to their own needs; and information on how members of the public can access or obtain copies of municipal by-laws. The full text of all currently applicable Lloyd`s laws and regulations is available on this website. More content can be found in the “By-Law Requirements” section for Lloyd`s currently applicable underwriting requirements by category. The Statutes Review Team carries out a detailed overview and update of the statutes covering all Ministry of Defence sites in the UK. This section of the GOV.UK website contains a set of regulations governing the use of land for military purposes. These can be viewed by selecting the statuses by region. The website covers the whole of the UK and contains (as well as current statutes) expired, revoked and proposed statutes. BAILII (British and Irish Legal Information Institute) provides the most comprehensive set of UK and Irish primary legal documents available free of charge online. The section on the legislation of the United Kingdom contains the laws enacted by successive parliaments from 1267 onwards: England 1267-1706, Great Britain from 1707-1800 and the United Kingdom from 1801 to the present day. The statutes of the pre-Union parliaments of Scotland 1424-1707 and Ireland 1495-1800 are also included.

All statutes since 1988 have not been consolidated. Previous laws entered into force or were updated up to 2001: where appropriate, links to the UK Statutory Law Database (i.e. Legislation.gov.uk) are provided for information on subsequent updates. Other legislative databases within BAILII include the UK Regulations 1947 (as amended and only selectively from 1947 to 1986) and Northern Ireland legislation from 1972, Scotland from 1999 and Wales from 1999. Legislation.gov.uk carries the British legislation “as enacted” and revised. You will find the phrase “as enacted” and the revised version in one place. Legislation.gov.uk contains most types of UK legislation and the explanatory documents that accompany them. This page in the official UK legislative database provides access to actions taken by the General Synod of the Church of England and its predecessor, the National Assembly of the Church of England (entirely from 1988, partly from 1920 to 1987). Some measures are available in a revised form, with the possibility of accessing the original text as adopted under “Which version” on the left side of the screen. Church instruments from 1991 onwards are available elsewhere on the Web site through the “Research Legislation” tab.

Welsh legislation in the official UK legislative database includes: the National Assembly for Wales Acts 2012, the National Assembly Acts for Wales 2008-2011 and the Wales Statutory Instruments 1999. The measurements are reproduced as revised, with the option to select the original text “as published” under “Which version” on the left side of the screen. The Welsh SIs will not be revised. Explanatory notes on measures and legal acts are included when they are published. Subscription service, updated daily. Westlaw UK contains laws dating back to 1267, including: all general public laws of the United Kingdom, which were still in force in 1991 (fully consolidated) and all published thereafter; all Acts of the Scottish Parliament (SPA); all local laws published since 1991; all Church of England measures published since 1991; all Welsh Assembly Acts and Acts 2008; and all Northern Ireland legislation dating from 1991. Subsidiary legislation includes: a selection of UK significant institutions of general application published between 1948 and 1991 and all subsequent UK significant institutions (Westminster); Scottish Parliament Significant Establishments (ISS); significant English-language institutions established by the National Assembly for Wales; and the statutory rules of the Northern Ireland Assembly. United Kingdom legislation in the official UK legislative database includes Public General Acts (partly from 1988, partly from 1801 to 1987), Local Acts (partly from 1991, partly from 1857 to 1990) and Statutory Instruments (partly from 1987, partly from 1948 to 1986). Other content accessible from this site includes Acts of the Parliament of Great Britain (partly 1707-1800), Acts of the English Parliament (partly 1267-1706), actions of the Church of England and ecclesiastical instruments. More than 95% of legislation.gov.uk laws are up to date. The message “Changes to the legislation” indicates whether there are still any outstanding effects. The original text as adopted can be viewed under “Which version” on the left side of the screen.

Some secondary legislation is currently being revised. Explanatory memoranda for legal acts (introduced from 1999) and significant institutions (from 2004) are included when they are published. A subscription service that provides access to content previously available from Halsbury`s Laws Direct, Legislation Direct and LexisNexis Professional. Coverage includes: an electronic version of Halsbury`s Laws of England; the full and amended text of all applicable UK laws and SIs; Scottish laws and significant establishments; the actions and actions of the Welsh Assembly; the measures of the Church of England; Is it in effect? and access to EU legislation and case law and several Commonwealth countries, including Australia, Canada and New Zealand. What legislation do we have and how can you use it? The “Statutory Instruments” section contains links to the full text of statutory instruments since 1987. The “Public General Acts of the United Kingdom” section contains links to the full text of all public acts since 1988. An incomplete set of public laws is also available up to 1801. Northern Ireland legislation in the official UK legislative database includes the Northern Ireland Assembly Acts 2000, the former Irish Parliament Acts 1495-1800 (partial coverage), the Northern Ireland statutory rules 1996 (with partial coverage 1991-1995), the Northern Ireland Orders in Council 1972 (partial coverage 1972-1986; full coverage from 1987), the Northern Ireland Assembly Measures 1974, and Acts of the Parliament of Northern Ireland 1921-1972 (partial coverage). Primary law is reproduced in a revised form, with the possibility for more recent legislation to select the original text “as adopted” under “Which version” on the left side of the screen. Secondary legislation is not revised.

Explanatory notes to the by-laws of the Council and the articles of association are included when they are published. Scottish legislation in the official UK legislative database includes the Acts of the Scottish Parliament (SPA) and the Scottish Statutory Instruments (SSI), both since 1999. ASPs are reproduced as revised, with the option to select the original text “as published” under “Which version” on the left side of the screen. SSIs are originally manufactured. Explanations on ASP (introduced in 1999) and analytical notes on ISS (from July 2005) will be included when they are published. The Acts of the former Scottish Parliament 1424-1707 as revised are also available. The content is not complete. Although the text of the laws and individual legal acts is the same in each of these 3 databases, you should know that the 3 databases are created by different organizations and therefore each database has a slightly different interface.

If you are new to legal databases, you can try searching for legislation in one of the 3 databases mentioned above. After gaining experience in researching legislation, you can develop a preference for a particular database. This page of the Legislation.gov.uk website is a central reference point for legislation related to the coronavirus pandemic 2019-2020 (COVID-19). In addition to the relevant primary law, there are searchable links to secondary legislation with the word “coronavirus” in the title and to EU legislation with “coronavirus” in the title. There are also lists of laws amended by the Coronavirus Act 2020, by the Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020 and by all laws with `coronavirus` in the title. For more information, check out a brief guide to understanding coronavirus legislation. Subscription Service. The UK legislative databases in JustisOne contain the full text of UK Significant Acts and Establishments as adopted, with links to amended and amending legislation. The laws range from 1235 to the present day and include all repealed laws. Also included are the Acts of the Scottish Parliament of 1999, the Acts of the Assembly of Northern Ireland of 2000 and the Welsh Assembly Measures and Acts of 1999. The scope of subsidiary laws begins with the publication of the laws in Statutory Rules and Orders and Statutory Instruments Revised to 31 December 1948, issued by HMSO in 1950 and containing regulations dating back to 1671.

Scottish and Welsh significant institutions are also included from 1999. The statutes are updated continuously, the IS once or twice a week. The Speaker of the House of Commons is the minister responsible for organizing government business, including the introduction of government bills, in the House of Commons. Information here on the GOV.UK website includes the annual reports that are prepared every Thursday at the House meeting, announcing the following week`s business and preliminary agreements for the following week.