Which of following Is a Legal Interview Question Group of Answer Choices

They cannot ask for that. Can they? Find out in this guide to illegal interview questions. It shows illegal interview questions – questions that are prohibited by the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) of the United States. Show what you know about the interviewer`s company and how your goals align with the company and its culture. It is illegal to ask a candidate questions: When answering interview questions, you interrupt many verbal pauses to give yourself time to formulate appropriate answers. Save the company money for repeat interviews and associated costs. Do you want to be ready to answer the most common legal interview questions and land your dream job? Let our guide improve your interview skills: common interview questions and better answers The interview gives you the opportunity to It is illegal for interviewers to ask certain personal questions. Questions about pregnancy, family, children and child custody are illegal interview questions. Can an employer ask questions about your family? No. Questions asked during an interview should focus on your qualifications for the position. Human resources employees are generally aware of what is legal and illegal. However, other people involved in the hiring process may not be. Social media has influenced the job search for more than just posting and looking for jobs.

Which of the following best describes another important influence of social networking on job search? In the United States, it is illegal for an employer to discriminate against an applicant on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation, and pregnancy), age, national origin, or disability. There are federal and state laws to prevent discriminatory employment practices. Below are some illegal interview questions as well as related questions that are legal and a discussion on how to answer them. If the applicant`s gender is a bona fide professional qualification, it may be requested. Otherwise, these are questions you can`t ask yourself as an employer during a job interview: Alejandro is an active job seeker after submitting several applications. Which of the following tips is best for Alejandro? The issue of arrest records may be an illegal interview issue in some states. The employer must demonstrate that the questions are not intended to obtain information other than that which is essential to assess a job applicant`s qualifications. It is therefore in the employer`s interest to carefully review all procedures used for the selection of job applicants and to eliminate or modify any procedures not justified by the needs of the company. Now that you know your rights, go ahead and win the interview. If the interviewer asks you about the future, you must answer that there is often nothing wrong with asking for other names. Some personal information may display family status, race, or other sensitive details.

In these cases, these are illegal interview questions: Pro tip: In some cases, even illegal interview questions may be legal. This is when the question requires a bona fide professional qualification (BFOQ). Employers should not judge whether a person with a medical condition can do a job. Medical questions are important questions that you should not ask during an interview. In cases of alleged discrimination, the onus is on the employer to prove that the answers to all questions on application forms or in oral interviews are not used to make hiring and placement decisions in a discriminatory manner prohibited by law. t/f When greeting the interviewer, you should smile, maintain direct eye contact, and wait for the interviewer to initiate a handshake. From time to time, refocus and clarify vague questions by asking, “Do you mean…?” If the interviewer starts a question with Tell me about a time when…, you should have dozens of questions you can`t ask in an interview and hundreds more you can. Job interviews are question-oriented. Which of the following statements about interview questions is true? Emergency contact information is not on the list of illegal interview questions. However, employers should only request it after hiring. Employers can ask about unemployment status if they don`t use it against certain races, ages or other groups. Most employers contact candidates by email to schedule interviews.

Pro tip: Which of the following is inappropriate to ask when applying: (1) How old are you? (2) Do you have a disability? (3) What is your race? These are, in most cases, problems of illegal employment. But for the use of affirmative action, all are allowed. Application forms and interviews are the appropriate instruments to exclude unqualified or unfit persons from consideration for employment at an early stage. This covers all the topics that illegal questions can ask during an interview. For specific questions you can`t ask in an interview, scroll down. Availability questions are not illegal interview questions, according to the EEOC. That is, they can be illegal questions if they can be used to discriminate. Braden prepares several success stories for a sales representative position prior to his interview. Which of the following scenarios would be the best success for this position? Employers may ask for your address, but they should be careful.

If they reveal your finances or family situation, these are illegal interview questions: height and weight may be related to the race.