Wisconsin Wetsuit Legal

On Sundays, we are awake at 4:30 in the morning. We had registered our bikes, cycling equipment and running equipment the day before, so there is not much to do. We go to the crossing, check our bikes, then we get wet and go to the start of the swim. The ground is muddy and the smell is rancid. I can`t wait to push my face into this water for the next 90 minutes! Which reminds me.. Use electricity. Swimming will be done with the current. A wetsuit is by nature a very thin and slippery device. With “assisted” swimming, however, this can be a disadvantage. You don`t want the water to slide over you, you want to use the current to grab every piece of your body. More friction. The water temperature Sunday morning appears to be just around the cut-off line of 76.1. But whatever the weather, and if swimming is considered legal, I invite you to consider the following before putting on your neoprene.

The swim trip is lined with volunteer “strippers”. You put your suit under your waistsuit, sit down and they take off your suit immediately (I love these volunteers!). Super fast and most importantly – no cramps! Definitely the highlight of the race so far. But not much longer – because next time we can pull up the propeller! “Given the temperature of the water and the swim downstream, would it really make sense not to swim in a wetsuit?” In order for a suit to be legally worn at an Ironman event, the following rules must be followed: – The average strength of the person`s staff increases by 10 beats per minute if you only stand in your suit. Average Beats “wasted” standing = 100-150 The buoyancy of a wetsuit will help you go higher on the water. This reduces resistance and allows you to swim faster with the same effort. The benefit is less for strong swimmers than for weak swimmers, but some people believe that a wetsuit can help weaker swimmers by up to 25%. EDIT: This article gets a lot of views and I want to add a little nugget since I`ve driven Chattanooga now. While I think it`s a solid theory, if you`re a good swimmer, I`d probably wear a wetsuit now if I did this race and it was legal. The problem I had last year was that they slowed the flow considerably and wetsuits passed in front of me. This is the first time I have recognised the decisive advantage of a combination.

However, my swim was nowhere near what it should have been for this race. Thanks for reading! Microphone. To avoid mental and physical stress. Many people wear wetsuits because they feel “safer” in the water. For others, it can cause a claustrophobic panic attack. If true, skip the suit. The absence of mental, emotional, and physical stress will far outweigh the minute or two you save. The swim start at IRONMAN Wisconsin is a mass start in deep water in Lake Monona. With water temperatures typically between 60 and 70, wetsuits are legal. IRONMAN Wisconsin has the most unique transition on the IRONMAN course.

Obsessive panic about water temperature usually starts about 2 weeks before a race and I would dare 99% of athletes pray for the legal temperatures of the suit. Most triathletes will admit that they are not exceptional swimmers, and a good portion of them will probably say that swimming scares them. Arm fatigue. If you think your suit is causing restrictions, ignore it. Many triathletes see sore shoulders and tired arms after swimming in a wetsuit due to the restrictions imposed by the wetsuit. If you fall into this category, ignore it. You can save 1-2 minutes swimming, but you will lose all this and more on the bike. Severely tired arms/shoulders/slats/neck are the main reasons why people sit on the bike outside of aerodynamics.

Even sitting on the bike for 5-10 minutes and you absorbed all the minutes you “saved” by swimming. Swimming: Bring everything you need. Although swimming has always been legal, it`s always best to bring a skin suit, just in case. And with the latest Ironman mass start floating on the US calendar, be sure to bring your suitcase full of courage and a good patient attitude to start a long day. Tinted glasses are also recommended. The other day I thought about my swim at the Ironman Louisville (no wetsuit) and how good I felt after getting out of the water, as opposed to the delirium I felt at the Ironman Wisconsin (wetsuit), and I asked my triathlon group this question: The weather is usually not a big issue. I was very lucky most of the time (despite the Boston Marathon), but this race gave me a lot to fear. The temperature of the lake was exceptionally warm (over 80 degrees at the end of August), and if the water is warmer than 76.1 on race day, no wetsuit is allowed.

Wetsuits provide buoyancy and help you swim faster with less effort. I`m not even sure I can swim 2.4 miles without. What is the maximum temperature at which a wetsuit can be worn? The rules for Ironman triathlon suits are updated annually and come into effect after March in Africa, America and Europe and after July in China and Oceania. While specific rules may vary slightly at some events due to local rules, Ironman attempts to standardize the rules for suits and all competition rules for all events to make it easier for athletes to travel to international races. Legal swimming in overalls is a race directors` dream. Add an assisted swim “with the current” and the race is almost guaranteed to sell. Each. Bachelor.

Hour. The time factor. Faster swimmers have fewer advantages than slower swimmers because of a strong current. If you fall into the “I could win a minute” category, I`ll skip it too. In fact, you`ll probably find that minute when you get out of the water, stop for a wetsuit, carry it to the T1 tent, and then store it in your T1 bag. – You will have your wetsuit for about 10-15 minutes before entering the water. All Deboer suits are legal for any Ironman triathlon or other legal triathlon race for wetsuits. If you want to know which Deboer combination is right for you, you can read our article Fjord 1.0 vs FlÅh 1.0. If you have any questions about a Deboer product, you can info@deboerwetsuits.com send us an email. Wetsuits are mandatory at water temperatures below 58°F. Participants can wear wetsuits when the water temperature is 78 degrees or lower. If the water temperature is between 78.1 and 83.9 degrees, participants can wear wetsuits, but are not eligible for rewards (in this case, a special launch wave is generated).